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Ocean Forest Golf Club
Attire Policy
Effective 9/1/2018

Ocean Forest is considered to be a traditional Club, and therefore requires that attire while on Club Property is an appropriate reflection of the traditional atmosphere.

Acceptable attire means…

1. Gentlemen and ladies are requested to dress in a fashion compatible with the appropriate occasion.
2. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times when on Club Property.
3. Shirts are to be tucked in.
4. Hats are to be removed when indoors. When outdoors, hats are to be worn facing forward.
5. Denim is allowed on Club Property, with the exception of the Golf Course, Practice Range, and any “formal” spaces (i.e. Dining Room and Living Room, including the bar area) of the Clubhouse. Any denim worn while on Club Property is to be free of rips, frays, tears and cargo pockets.


– Jackets are required in the Dining Room at all times. Ties are optional.
– Jackets are required in the Living Room (including Bar area) after 7 p.m. from October 1st through Memorial Day.
– Golf attire and/or Club Casual attire (see below for acceptable attire in the Golf attire and Club Casual attire
categories) is permitted in the informal dining venues of the Clubhouse. The informal dining venues include all areas of the Clubhouse with the exception of the Living Room (including Bar area) after 7 p.m. and at all times in the
Dining Room.

Golf Course/Locker Rooms/Tee House/Golf Shop

-Golf attire is acceptable.

Acceptable attire for Club events and private functions will be determined by the Club and will be
communicated to participants in advance. Below is a list of acceptable attire by category:

-Black Tie – The Black Tie designation is to require the most formal of attire. Black tie attire will be required unless designated as “requested”. If the “requested” designation is added, suits with a tie accompaniment are acceptable.

Club Formal – The Club Formal designation is to require jackets and ties. Suits would be
acceptable within the Club Formal designation. In this category, the “member blazer requested/required”
designation may be added. If requested, a navy blazer without the member logo is acceptable.

-Club Casual – The Club Casual designation requires that attire befit the surroundings and traditional
atmosphere of the Club. Under this designation, jackets are optional unless specifically noted as “required”.
Ties will always be optional under this designation. Sweaters appropriate to the atmosphere of the surroundings are acceptable. Shoes are to be of the dress variety.

-Golf attire – The Golf attire designation allows for any garments that are acceptable for the golf course.

The attire policy is subject to change from time to time, including to suit seasonal changes, and may be made by the General
Manager in coordination with the Advisory Board. Attire for Club and Private events will be determined in advance and
communicated to participants appropriately.